UPDATED! NEW Cross Trainer

UPDATED! NEW Cross Trainer

An introduction to a variety of B Present Studio classes for those who need to incorporate lateral movement, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Includes (1) Barre Basics, (1) Barre Beautiful, (1) Barre Bootcamp Express, (1) Barre Boxing, and (1) ABSolute POWER.

UPDATED! NEW Cross Trainer

5 Videos

  • Barre Boxing w/ Jill

    Who doesn't love to TRY NEW THINGS?! This Barre Boxing class will be a high-energy, fat-blasting, waist-whittling, fun time! A full body workout designed to make you sweat, strengthen, and shake.

    Class Type: Barre Boxing
    Barre Tender: Jill
    Toys: 2-3lb weights
    Date: 11-25-19

  • Barre Beautiful w/ Kara B

    Our classic 60-minute workout designed to tighten your tush, firm your thighs, create a rock-solid core, and make your muscles shake!

    Class Type: Barre Beautiful
    Barre Tender: Kara B
    Toys: 2-3lb weights
    Date: 06-11-20

  • Barre Basics w/ Lisa

    Looking for a great starting point to Barre and B Present Studio? This is your class. Picture 45 minutes of muscle-tightening, limb-lengthening goodness. You will work your body from head-to-toe with our seat-lifting, shoulder-sculpting moves that will leave you feeling invigorated. You will be g...

  • Barre Bootcamp Express w/ Stephanie

    No holds barred in this high energy, advanced class, designed to work your muscles from head to toe. Cardio bursts to strengthen your heart and scorch major calories. Modifications given throughout class. This express version is 45 minutes.

    Class Type: Barre Bootcamp Express
    Barre Tender: Step...

  • ABSolute POWER w/ Tammy

    Cardio and core lovers UNITE in this 45 minute class designed to help you strengthen your heart and your center. Bouts of cardio promote cardiovascular endurance, not to mention calorie burn. Multiple abdominal series mean increased balance and mobility from the inside-out. BONUS: nobody ever ...