UPDATED! NEW Strong Start Experience

UPDATED! NEW Strong Start Experience

An introduction to B Present Studio with ​3 low impact, muscle shakin' classes. Includes (1) Barre Basics, (1) Barre Beautiful, and (1) BareFlow classes.

UPDATED! NEW Strong Start Experience

3 Videos

  • Barre Flow w/ Kara B

    For all those wanting to reap the benefits of barre toning—yet in a more relaxed setting, flowing from pose to pose with grace—BarreFLOW is for you!

    Class Type: Barre Flow
    Barre Tender: Kara B
    Toys: 2-3lb weights
    Date: 05-17-20

  • Barre Beautiful w/ Paige

    Our classic 60-minute workout designed to tighten your tush, firm your thighs, create a rock-solid core, and make your muscles shake!

    Class Type: Barre Beautiful
    Barre Tender: Paige
    Toys: 2-3lb weights and long band
    Date: 06-11-20

  • Barre Basics w/ Tammy

    Looking for a great starting point to Barre and B Present Studio? This is your class. Picture 45 minutes of muscle-tightening, limb-lengthening goodness. You will work your body from head-to-toe with our seat-lifting, shoulder-sculpting moves that will leave you feeling invigorated. You will be g...